Series with Yellow

Here is my next series of paintings, Series with yellow. Again working with pinks and yellow, but this time with some collage and pastel added. Again more subdued colour, but still quite colourful. I am happy with the more simple lines too, I consider them to be more honest. I find it’s very difficult to be honest when painting, I think sometimes I can try too hard and push in a direction the painting doesn’t want to go.

Series – Yellow and Turquoise

Another thing I like at the moment is working across several pieces at one time. Taking the colour from one to another has a kind of flow to it so doesn’t break my concentration, each surface primed and ready before I start. These are made with Acrylic paint, charcoal and pastel on a variety of substrates.

Series in vermillion and green

I’m absolutely loving the way I’m working at the moment. I am really enjoying building up the surface and creating depth with the layering of colour. Vermillion is one of my favourite paint colours and doesn’t it zing against the green!

These pieces are acrylic on canvas, paper and sketchbook pages.

Series in Blue and yellow

Finished Pieces and Sketch Book Work

I am currently enjoying a new way of working, thanks to inspiration from other artists and an online course I’m doing with MoMA.

For a start I’m trying not to over think things and enjoy painting for the sake of painting, also working on several paintings at a time seems to help my work flow better. I am beginning by priming in black then a light sketchy priming in white. The black seems to reinforce the colours and I like the way the sketchy white is revealed at times through the coloured paint that I apply. I am finding my painting very satisfying at the moment.

Acrylic and pastel on canvas

Acrylic and pastel on board

Acrylic and pastel on sketch book pages

Acrylic and pastel on canvas

Mail Art Postcard Book

I’ve got so many mail art postcards now that I have started turning them into books. This one contains 36 postcards that I can pick up and look at whenever I please. Better that being stashed away in a box 🙂


I do love mobiles, I have made some before but haven’t really known how to photograph them. I am very pleased with these and have managed to make an image that shows them reasonably well so you can see them and I will be making more 🙂

Extra Large Canvas

I was gifted this extra large canvas a few months ago, it measures approx. 184 x 138cm. Having never painted so large before it was an exciting task. I was inspired one day a month or so ago to start work on it and am so happy I did. It has no title at the moment but that may come 🙂