I work primarily in print, producing vibrant, colourful, and multi-layered screen prints, block prints and patterns which I use to make both textile and paper based works. I use recycled and repurposed materials where possible.

 shape, line, tulips,  Sol Lewitt, paint, Bloomsbury, paper,  geisha, stencils, Howard Hodgkin,  block, pattern, repeat, construction,  spontaneity, Marc Chagall,  laughter, canvas, texture, form, surface, Andy Warhol, Japan, re-using, Vanessa Bell, print, surreallism, collage, books, beauty,  Charleston, Sonia Delaunay,  glitter, stripes, Henry Moore, ink, serigraphy, colour, bricollage, Sir Terry Frost, Knitting…. to be continued….

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