What can I tell you about me? I have always loved art. My earliest memories are of sitting on my Dad’s lap and him drawing pictures for me. When I was at school I loved doing projects because they involved doing illustrations, and obviously I loved my art lessons. When I started work, most my days off were spent doing art.

Then life happen and I got married and art was no longer a priority. After a while I found myself unable to work through ill health and amazingly this changed my life for the better as I was able to go back to collage part time and do an access to art and design foundation course and this started me off afresh on a journey of discovery to where I am now.

Art is a priority for me now, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Constantly learning and developing my own techniques, I visit art shows and university degree shows to be inspired by them because I like to keep my work fresh.

You will find an eclectic range of art on my website as I enjoy working with materials I have at hand, much of which is recycled or reused. Most recently my work has consisted of painting and sculpture using plaster.

My work is available to buy direct from my studio, my shop. I am happy to take commissions for bespoke art and design work. I like to think that my studio is an encouraging and exciting place to visit, where you can see me working or view my work. I love to get visitors but if you are coming any distance please call 01328 856700 or 07941 784207 first.

At The moment I am working primarily painting in Acrylic. I generally produce vibrant, colourful, and multi-layered works. I am also starting to dabble in plaster and sculpture.

Inspirations: shape, line, paint, Bloomsbury, paper, Howard Hodgkin, block, pattern, repeat, construction, spontaneity, Marc Chagall, laughter, canvas, texture, form, surface, Andy Warhol, re-using, Vanessa Bell, print, surrealism, collage, books, Charleston, Sonia Delaunay, glitter, stripes, Henry Moore, ink, colour, bricolage, Sir Terry Frost, Barbara Hepworth, recycling, plaster, Sister Corita Kent, colour, Pablo Picasso, sunshine, Bauhaus………

For more information go to my website