I do love mobiles, I have made some before but haven’t really known how to photograph them. I am very pleased with these and have managed to make an image that shows them reasonably well so you can see them and I will be making more 🙂

Extra Large Canvas

I was gifted this extra large canvas a few months ago, it measures approx. 184 x 138cm. Having never painted so large before it was an exciting task. I was inspired one day a month or so ago to start work on it and am so happy I did. It has no title at the moment but that may come 🙂

Printing Press

My friend Bridget gave me this beautiful printing press a while ago. After admiring it and cleaning it, I finally got around to trying it out.
It’s a beautiful day so I finished cutting the lino in the sunshine.
My first test piece is going to be a decorative border for a book page, just coz I like that sort of thing.
The block, inked up ready to go in the press.
my best print so far.

Three New Works

Over this last couple of weeks I have been working on these three works

Purple and Red Pods – Acrylic on canvas

Red Flow – Acrylic on canvas

Ochre and Blue Diamonds

These are all painted on pre used canvases from a Charity/thrift shop.

Something Different

I thought I’d try something different!

I do like observational drawing, transferring what I see on to paper, it’s very satisfying. Also I think the best time to do something is at the point of inspiration, then the work flows. I find if I think about things too much I struggle to get things out of my head and on to the paper/canvas. I had the Idea I wanted to paint a person, so I picked up a magazine that was close at hand and just started to copy an image. First in a green crayon, then in graphite, then I started to apply paint. I must say when I started I wasn’t that sure of myself, I didn’t particularly like what was happening on the canvas, the main thing was I was enjoying doing it. As it went along I started to like it. Now I can’t stop looking at it! I’m Just as pleased as I am with an abstract work when it turns out well. Guided by the paint, the colours and my intuition, not having too much of an idea what outcome I want.

2021 Wall Calendar

I am pleased to have produced my 2021 Wall Calendar.

Here are some sample pages. As you can see there is ample room to write events and appointments.

To buy my calendar, please go to my webshop

Untitled – Red & White Abstract

Being rid of distraction for the time being I’m happy to be in my studio for a few days. Some of you may know I occasionally use automatic drawings to inspire my work. I have also found recently I enjoy it when I’m painting over old canvases or work I’m not happy with. Maybe it creates a sort of foundation for my new painting. I have found it’s also nice even if I’m not painting over old work to prime the canvas in a colour rather than white all the time. So this new painting started on an old canvas someone had given me with an automatic drawing.

I start putting the colour on gradually and spend a lot of time thinking about the composition as I don’t use all the lines from the drawing.
This is the finished piece. You can possibly just about see which lines I have chosen to guide my composition.

Artists Trading Cards

I have been so enjoying the lockdown that I have hardly posted anything on any of my blogs. I have been using the freedom I’ve had with no outside pressures to get things done and enjoy being me! I’ve been still doing art obviously but also creative things in the house and garden.

Actually, I’ve been trying to be relaxed around my art and just spend time in my studio and make art and create things.

You may know I do mail art and send lots of art by mail. One of the things which is easy to send in an envelope is an ATC card. Here are a few of the ones I’ve made recently out of art scraps.