Mail Art

Here are some Mailart postcards and ATC’s I’ve recently done. I had a sheet of A3 paper that had been used for using up leftover wet paint, which had completely dried. I had the idea of making some ATCs with it. I added some stitch and made eight and used the rest to create some postcards.

I was actually really pleased with the way they’ve turned out so will be the next lot of mail art sent out to my pals 🙂

processing Natural pigments

I have processed some of the pigments I’ve collected (see previous blog post) to make wax crayons.

First by grinding them down in a pestle and mortar.

Then sifting a couple of times to get as finer powder as possible. The grinding and sifting is an amazingly mindful process.

This powder/pigment can be used in its rawest form straight away, by just mixing with a little water. Someone had already use the raw pigment by the cliffs where I was collecting, because some of the rocks were saturated by the tide and the pigment was still wet. There is a further process to make the pigment dust finer which I may well refer to in a later post.

I used 50/50 of recycled waste candle wax with eco soya wax and mixed with some pigment to begin making my wax crayons and poured it into my silicone mould.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to make decent marks with them!

These are the crayons I’ve made so far with pigments as they were found. It is really very satisfying.

I must advise anybody who might be inspired, please collect rock/pigment that has fallen already, don’t collect direct from the cliffs.

Pigment Hunting

I get inspired by so many things and the more materials I have in my studio the more excited I get about making art. I am also eager to be as environmentally aware as I can in my art practice. So when I saw someone making crayons/pastels with natural pigments I wanted to try to do it myself.

We have some very beautiful cliffs a short drive from us, so I went out on a mission yesterday to see if I could find some earth pigments. These are the beautiful Hunstanton cliffs, in Norfolk, England.

The tide had just turned and this crevice was still moist from the sea.

This red was particularly smooth and gorgeous.

These are the different shades of pigment I found which when dry, need to be ground to a smooth powder. I’m quite excited! 🙂

Don’t resist joy, seek it out

I’m back from open studios and holidays and have started a new series of paintings.

I’ve had some time sitting in my studio researching relevant artists and thinking about what I want to say with my work. Can my work speak out for me? I think it can. Especially when I’ve got loads to say but I think nobody listens. When I want to worship my God and I don’t have a sufficient outlet. Or to express the opinions I have, my frustrations, anxiety or pure joy.

I had a wonderful experience at my open studio where a visitor was almost moved to tears by one of my paintings. That’s why I want to paint and that’s how I want to paint!

Don’t resist joy, seek it out is the name of my new series of work. Using colours inspired by my feelings and by these words. Below is what I have produced so far with acrylic paint, paint pens, spray paint, pastels and collage.

I have several substrates on my desk and I have a canvas on an easel as well.

This is work in a journal.

These will be turned into mail art postcards,

and this is a papier mache plate I have used as a substrate for a painting, this I think is finished.

A fellow artist complemented me on how well my work was developing and how it has improved over the past year or so. I have been spending more time in my studio because of COVID, so I’d best keep it up hadn’t I! That encouragement and the experience of open studio has given me the boost I needed to keep going with my work. 🙂

Series with Yellow

Here is my next series of paintings, Series with yellow. Again working with pinks and yellow, but this time with some collage and pastel added. Again more subdued colour, but still quite colourful. I am happy with the more simple lines too, I consider them to be more honest. I find it’s very difficult to be honest when painting, I think sometimes I can try too hard and push in a direction the painting doesn’t want to go.