New Work

I started these before my studio upheaval. I really like them so I’m considering what to do next 🙂


Artists Book

Wow what a big upheaval, 6 weeks of changing my studio, I’ve allowed myself in to work at last! I wanted things to be finished before I moved back in. Saying that, there is still a few things I’d like to give attention but they are not obstructive.

I uncovered some old textile work in the big sort out and thought I might be able to use it for a call to artists I’m considering.

Adding some more colour to it on my table and considering adding organic Items.
The decision to turn it into an artists book was suggested to me and I liked that idea. 🙂
Keep watching to see how it takes shape!

Gesso relief No.2

This is my second finished gesso relief, you may remember it from a recent blog although it looked a little different then. I’m looking to experiment a lot more with this technique, but I’m very pleased with how this piece has turned out, now just to varnish it 🙂

Collagraphs – Best Yet!

These are the best collagraph prints that I’ve produced so far using the pasta machine.Collagraph 1 Collagraph 2 This is my favourite!Collagraph 3
I’m going to continue experimenting and I’ll let you know how I get on. 🙂


While I was being part of the art trail with Sarah and in between visitors, I carried on doing some work on my stones project. It was really nice to relax and enjoy the feel of the clay. I finished off the earlier forms I had done by smoothing them and making holes I wanted. Now they are ready for first firing. I think they look beautiful just like that!Stones 1 These are similar shapes I’ve started, cut in half and scooped out. The scooping out was yummy as the clay was really soft. I am really looking forward to continuing with these! 🙂Stones 2

Norwich University of the Arts

We went to NUA yesterday mainly to see the Textiles degree show, to see the work of two of my work experience students. We weren’t disappointed!

This is the work of Clare Geldard andNUA 3
Amy Jessica French.NUA 1 NUA 2 Here is some other work that I liked.NUA 4 NUA 5 NUA 6Go to the NUA Textiles website to see these and lots of other yummy stuff! 🙂

Free Spirit

Me and Mr O spent some time in my studio at the weekend to relax and do some free art. Here are the results.

The fab pieces by Mr. O.

BH 5 BH 6 BH 7
My pieces.BH 1 BH 2 BH 3 BH 4It’s always good to let your hair down! 🙂