Stones – Pop up Exhibition

First I’d like to thank all those who came on Saturday, you made it a fantastic day!

Here is an over view for those of you who couldn’t make it and who follow my blog.

Sketch book work and research.Exhibit 1

Centre piece installation – stone and textile.installation

Screen prints.Exhibit 2

Mono prints with collage.Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4

More sketch book work.Exhibit 5

Clay with cotton threadExhibit 6

ClayExhibit 7

Stone study – acrylic and oil pastelExhibit 8

It was a really satisfying experience and a chance for me to look at my work too. Thanks for your support! 🙂


Pop Up Exhibition 3

If you are able to come along to my pop up exhibition this Saturday you will receive a free catalogue on your arrival 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing you!Exhibition 6

A Good Day of Clay

Spent another nice day last week with my pal Sarah in her ceramics studio. Really pleased with what I did.

I wanted to make a large cup for drinking tea. You have to start larger than you want because the clay shrinks quite a bit with firing. I like the shape, I used a bowl I had as a mold.Clay 1 Clay 2 This is the little decorative cup I made last time I was with her which I’ve now  decorated….Clay 3 Clay 4 and these are the stones which are to go with my on going art project, I have now partly painted. these are not to be glazed as I want a specific effect.Clay 5 As you can see we had a great time! 🙂Clay 6

Stones Project

As you may have realised, I have two projects that I’m working on along side one another. So I thought I would show you some more progress I have made with my stones project.

Here’s a recap of a sketchbook page used for inspiration.Stones 1I have drawn out a design for a block for printing a repeat pattern.Stones 6 I wanted to make the block print so that it appeared dark and light. Stones 7 …and here’s the computer generated experiment to see how the block might print out.print 2

I have ordered some more lino to do this, so have to wait a few days before I can start. I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve more ideas too 🙂

Stones Revisited

I am so excited for having a new year to start some new work and share it with you. I’m having a clear and tidy of my studio so that it can be free of un-neccesary clutter. Being careful not to clear out too much, so as to throw out creative stuff in my new year enthusiasm for a fresh start!

Anyway I thought I would show you one of my ideas. The influence of stones is raising its head again, particularly with holes in them, such wonderful and varied forms! Here is a couple of pages from my sketch books.Stones 1Stones 2As you can see the influence of Barbara Hepworth could play a part. Stones 3Stones 4I’ve been thinking of working with clay and believe it or not I’ve just had an Email from my friend Sarah asking when do I want to do some clay!! Getting excited now 🙂