Sixty Four Squares – The beginning

For this piece I have planned the colour layout in my art journal. To the side I am putting the colours I am actually using for the painting.

As you can see, painting does not need to cost a lot. Here I’m using an old printed canvas I bought from a charity shop! I don’t know why I started with green, it just took my fancy, if you want to paint, just enjoy it, there are no rules!

Next, blue 🙂

Next, red. If you look carefully you can see I where I put it in the wrong place. with a canvas or board, just wipe it off while it’s still wet. If it’s dried, paint over it. Don’t discard the painting because of a mistake, the layering of paint adds something to the finished piece! 🙂



Screen Print Note Cards

Another sneak peak as to what you can find on my website.

These are small note cards made  using one of my screen print designs. They are versatile little things that can be used for birthdays, invites, thank you’s, just a note and anything else you can think of. You can’t get them anywhere else so why not take a look!