I have been itching for quite a while to do some painting. It has been over shadowed by admin, trying to earn money and making things to sell. But my itch has won and to my greatest of pleasure I have set myself up a still life!

Another problem I think is that I’ve always used student quality acrylics and at last I have bought myself a trial set of Golden acrylics and am amazed at the amount of pigment in them and the brightness of colours!still-life-1 still-life-2Scale and proportion are difficult but I think I’ve made a good start 🙂


Reindeer wrapping Paper

I love this time of year. It’s a chance to add glitter to my already colourful existence! I’ve been enjoying making Christmas wrap and cards with the knowledge of what I don’t sell I can use myself! 🙂 The wrap below has just gone onto my Etsy shop.Paper 1 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5These prints were for some glittery reindeer cards.P1030697
I especially love these blue moose cards that I’ve done! 🙂P1030747

Collages – Red and Blue

I’ve been very busy with lots of different jobs lately, but have managed to do some new small collages which I’m very happy with. The base of them was some art work I had tucked away in a portfolio which I decided to reinvent it.Collage 1a Collage 2I really like these, and there’s more to come 🙂

Clay Day part 1

Another day spent with my good friend Sarah in her studio doing clay. I have been making a few things and never know or can decide how to decorate them. You may remember this goblet I did late last year,Clay 2Well I finally decorated it!Goblet 1Goblet 2

The finished colour after glazing will be bright red. I am very pleased with it and look forward to drinking my home made wine from it 🙂