Untitled – Abstract with Turquoise

Another painting/collage made for a specific frame. I’m very happy with this one too! 🙂


Printed Textile

I’ve just been inspired to work into and improve one of my old print blocks. I’ve cut into the basic shape to make it look more exciting.This image shows me testing the block on paper. I’ve made some extra test blocks in the shape of leaves to use with it.I’ve had this vintage anti-macassar for a while, already dyed with onion skins for me to print on. I’ve been waiting for just the right block to print on it with and decided this was it.Don’t you think it looks great on my Sofa! 🙂

New Painting

I have been relaxing into doing some new paintings recently, being lead by my own inspirations, applying paint to the canvas and seeing what happens next.

This painting is not finished so I’ll just show you sections 🙂  As you can see there is collage and drawing involved as well. Those of you who were following my still life progress, don’t worry, it is still on the easel! 🙂

Textile Commission

Here is the finished textile I’ve been doing. My client has collected it now so I can show you!

Orange Textile 1 Orange Textile 2 Orange Textile 3
It’s all been very busy here with my new textile venture, I have lots to do. I have decided on a launch date when you can come and see the first collection of work, I’ll let you know soon! 🙂

If you would like a little preview you can visit my Textile Shop.

New Block Print Design

I have another textile order, so I decided it was a good opportunity to design a new block. After quite a bit of experimenting, I came up with this.Flower block 1Cutting the design in a way that would print light and dark.

This is the anticipated design worked on the computer so that I can see what it might look like before I cut the block.Flower block 5After seeing that I like the what is happening I start cutting.Flower block 2 Flower block 3 Here is the block cut and mounted ready to print.Flower block 4Here it is printed on recycled fabric dyed with tea.Flower block 6I actually really like this and I think my client will too!