Three painting series finished last week

Dusk #1 Dusk #2 Dusk #3Acrylic and collage on PVC panels.



Printing in Mauve

Making napkins from salvaged cotton is very rewarding. Preventing waste as well as producing a nice soft quality product.Napkins 1Each one of these napkins is purposely printed different especially for the non-conformist, combining hand cut and vintage blocks.Napkins 5 Napkins 2Napkins 3Napkins 4Now available from my Etsy Shop! 🙂


Natural Dyeing

I’ve been thinking about doing some natural dyeing for a while because I wanted to make some nice grounds for my printing. Have a stack of nice coloured fabric rather than plain white. After talking to a friend about it, I did a bit of scouting around on the internet, I had a go.

I made my dye solution using sloes (I thought they were blackberries when I took them out of the freezer, but hey ho!) I have no mordant so as advised in my research , I gave the fabric a salt water soak. Then put it into the dye solution. simmered for about 15mins and then turned off the heatDyeing 1
I also dipped some papers as well. I love the resulting colour, so pale and soft.DyeingI’m definitely going to try it again 🙂