Turn The Page

I’ve been making my main piece for Turn The Page artists book fair and I’m very excited about it. It is based on my last paintingNow you’ll have to either come to Turn The Page at the Forum in Norwich or wait till I blog about it! 🙂


Handmade Books

I have a big passion for handmade artists books. I’ve been making them for a while, among the many things that I do. I go to Turn the Page Artists Book Fair, which takes place in Norwich each year and is very inspiring. Exchanging mail art too, means there is occasionally a handmade book enclosed!

Here is one I made using the limitations provided by papers from a paper swap, another form of mail I do. Book 1Book 1bBook 1c Book 1dThe key is, as with most art, is not think about it too much and just enjoy doing it. You can find how to make little books like this online. Why not make one using junk mail?! 🙂