Work in Progress

I’m happy with this, I like the green primer!



Christmas Journal page

My journal has suffered a lot lately because of being so busy, but I had a chance over the holidays to do a bit of relaxing doodling.

After the Christmas services at church, I was inspired by the words of the carol ‘Hark the herald angels sing’. So I  decided to do an illuminated page and practice some calligraphy as well as meditate on the words.

First I wrote out the words and then decorated the page with print off cuts, coloured pencil, sharpie pen and collage.
Journal Page 1 Journal Page 2 Journal Page 3 Journal Page 4It’s good to be back after the holidays, so Happy New Year all you lovely people. I look forward to sharing my work with you during 2016 🙂


Special order napkins in a bag. Block printed vintage fabric, eco dyed with crocus petals. These have now been collected and on their way to a new home!P1010745 P1010746 72 P1010752Sometimes I’m sorry to see thing go ’cause I like them so much 🙂


While I was being part of the art trail with Sarah and in between visitors, I carried on doing some work on my stones project. It was really nice to relax and enjoy the feel of the clay. I finished off the earlier forms I had done by smoothing them and making holes I wanted. Now they are ready for first firing. I think they look beautiful just like that!Stones 1 These are similar shapes I’ve started, cut in half and scooped out. The scooping out was yummy as the clay was really soft. I am really looking forward to continuing with these! 🙂Stones 2

Experimenting with soft sculpture

As you know, I have an ongoing stones project, you may recognize these.Stones 5Clay 5I have now taken it to a new level, experimenting with soft sculpture. It’s not easy sewing a stone with a hole in it, but quite satisfying once you’ve done it. This was made using part of an old jumper.Soft Sculpture 1 Soft Sculpture 2 Soft Sculpture 3I’m looking forward to where this is going to take me 🙂