Art Process

From what I pick up as I hear some people talk about art, it is that abstract art is easy and anybody can do it; basically it doesn’t take any real skill. I obviously disagree as I am an abstract artist. I think some drawing skill is needed, either a taught skill or natural talent. There is a need to be able to balance what you are putting on the surface you are working on, the same skill as in composing a figurative piece.

It is very difficult to put down on to a substrate something that exists inside of you. Responding to the urge to paint, and then trying to paint something that is invisible is incredibly difficult and takes courage. The example below shows how sometimes you can’t quite capture that thing!

As you can see this shows me painting over an existing piece of work. I have painted over areas that I wasn’t satisfied with then started afresh with the part I liked.

After a long time contempating this new start, it still didn’t work for me. so I painted over the blue and the red to basically leave the centre shape which I liked.

I then started slowly mapping out more ideas.

It has taken me a good few weeks contemplating this piece and finally in this past week I have managed to achieve something that I’m satisfied with.


I’m really pleased my first painting for 2020 is finished, it took me a while but I like it. It’s very challenging being true to yourself and producing something that genuinely comes from inside. It’s very satisfying when you battle your demons and your doubts and believe in what you yourself put on the substrate you are working on, in this case a wood panel and of course it’s red and I love red 🙂

Untitled – Red Spiral

My latest painting finished at last. I absolutely love the colour combination I’ve used!
This piece has had several incarnations before achieving something I was pleased with.

Untitled – Red Spiral – Acrylic, collage, graphite and pastel on canvas


This is the first painting I complete in my renewed enthusiasm. ‘Symphony’ – acrylic and collage on canvas. 🙂

Christmas Journal page

My journal has suffered a lot lately because of being so busy, but I had a chance over the holidays to do a bit of relaxing doodling.

After the Christmas services at church, I was inspired by the words of the carol ‘Hark the herald angels sing’. So I  decided to do an illuminated page and practice some calligraphy as well as meditate on the words.

First I wrote out the words and then decorated the page with print off cuts, coloured pencil, sharpie pen and collage.
Journal Page 1 Journal Page 2 Journal Page 3 Journal Page 4It’s good to be back after the holidays, so Happy New Year all you lovely people. I look forward to sharing my work with you during 2016 🙂


Special order napkins in a bag. Block printed vintage fabric, eco dyed with crocus petals. These have now been collected and on their way to a new home!P1010745 P1010746 72 P1010752Sometimes I’m sorry to see thing go ’cause I like them so much 🙂


While I was being part of the art trail with Sarah and in between visitors, I carried on doing some work on my stones project. It was really nice to relax and enjoy the feel of the clay. I finished off the earlier forms I had done by smoothing them and making holes I wanted. Now they are ready for first firing. I think they look beautiful just like that!Stones 1 These are similar shapes I’ve started, cut in half and scooped out. The scooping out was yummy as the clay was really soft. I am really looking forward to continuing with these! 🙂Stones 2

Experimenting with soft sculpture

As you know, I have an ongoing stones project, you may recognize these.Stones 5Clay 5I have now taken it to a new level, experimenting with soft sculpture. It’s not easy sewing a stone with a hole in it, but quite satisfying once you’ve done it. This was made using part of an old jumper.Soft Sculpture 1 Soft Sculpture 2 Soft Sculpture 3I’m looking forward to where this is going to take me 🙂