Untitled – Abstract with Turquoise

Another painting/collage made for a specific frame. I’m very happy with this one too! 🙂


Untitled – blue line

I don’t usually do blue, but I’ve done a couple recently. This one is Untitled – blue line Acrylic and collage on board.

Afternoon Sun

These two pieces of work I am very pleased with I have enter for the art prize at The Holt Festival. I’m quite excited, confident and nervous about it, but what ever happens I’m happy with my work. 🙂

Afternoon Sun #1 & 2 – Acrylic and collage on board

Reindeer wrapping Paper

I love this time of year. It’s a chance to add glitter to my already colourful existence! I’ve been enjoying making Christmas wrap and cards with the knowledge of what I don’t sell I can use myself! 🙂 The wrap below has just gone onto my Etsy shop.Paper 1 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5These prints were for some glittery reindeer cards.P1030697
I especially love these blue moose cards that I’ve done! 🙂P1030747

Using Off Cuts – Table Runner

I am at my most creative when I have lots of different bits and pieces around me that I can use and I can compose a symphony from from the colours and pattern.

Here is some thing I made from doing just that!Runner 1 Runner 2 Runner 3 Runner 4 Runner 5 Runner 6 Runner 7 I’m very pleased with this, what do you think! 🙂