Untitled (blue line)

Lots happening in my studio, the next work to show you is this acrylic and collage on board – Untitled (blue line) 30 x 30 cm


Afternoon Sun

These two pieces of work I am very pleased with I have enter for the art prize at The Holt Festival. I’m quite excited, confident and nervous about it, but what ever happens I’m happy with my work. 🙂

Afternoon Sun #1 & 2 – Acrylic and collage on board

Reindeer wrapping Paper

I love this time of year. It’s a chance to add glitter to my already colourful existence! I’ve been enjoying making Christmas wrap and cards with the knowledge of what I don’t sell I can use myself! 🙂 The wrap below has just gone onto my Etsy shop.Paper 1 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5These prints were for some glittery reindeer cards.P1030697
I especially love these blue moose cards that I’ve done! 🙂P1030747

Using Off Cuts – Table Runner

I am at my most creative when I have lots of different bits and pieces around me that I can use and I can compose a symphony from from the colours and pattern.

Here is some thing I made from doing just that!Runner 1 Runner 2 Runner 3 Runner 4 Runner 5 Runner 6 Runner 7 I’m very pleased with this, what do you think! 🙂

A Special order finished

I’m pleased to say, a very special, special order is ready to go on its way to Germany. The lovely blue printed pillow covers that I was doing are finished. I had to look carefully for my contrasting fabric, because as you know I like to re-use and recycle!

These have been made with re-purposed vintage cotton sheets, dyed with tea and then hand printed. Contrasted with re-purposed denim.

Here are the three finished pillow covers.

P1020595 Pillow 1 Pillow 2 Pillow 3

New Block Print Design and Kitchen Chair Cushion

I’m loving this new print design I’ve been doing.Chair CushionChair Cushion 3I’ve found it’s ideal for seat cushions to brighten up a kitchen chair.Chair Cushion 1 Chair Cushion 2I’m definitely having some of these for myself, how about you?

If you would like to come and see these chair cushions and lots of other lovely textiles for your home. It would be great to see you at the event below. 🙂 You might even see some yummy Christmas presents to buy!Launch Invite