Intuitive Painting Workshop

As my regular followers know, I’ve been doing some intuitive panting workshops for relaxation and mindfulness. These are to give an opportunity to escape the rat race of life and focus on the pleasures of intuitive painting. Here are some photos of the latest workshop to show what’s been done.  My next workshop is on Saturday 10th November 10 am – 12 noon.


Makers Month – Free Style Crochet

Had a super morning in Norwich joining in Makers Month which is on for the whole of February which has different crafts to try during the month. I went today because my friend Kally was there with her freestyle crochet. Here are a few photos from the event. The Idea for her stand was for people to make a piece of crochet for the totem pole in the pictures.P1040084 P1040093 Here’s me concentrating very hard on my piece!P1040095 I was rather pleased with it in the end.P1040099 Here’s me with super clever Kally…P1040103 and here’s my piece attached to the totem! 🙂P1040104

Kally also makes amazing chunky crochet hooks from found pieces of wood. Here’s a link to the crochet event and here’s a link to Kally’s Facebook page Woolenwood 🙂

And now for the tables!

These are the legs from some old school exam tables I got free from a web page that I can’t remember the name of at the moment!

I am repainting them and am going to make new bigger tables with them using 1/2 inch ply. There will be 4 tables 1m x 1.2m so I will be able to use them for display, put them together and make one large table for working and use them individually for workshops. Great stuff, can’t wait! 🙂

Preparation for schools workshop

I’m doing a print workshop day at Walsingham primary school tomorrow, a local village to us. With Mr O’s help I am showing the children how to print with found objects. I’ve been getting things ready today so I thought I’d show you what I’m doing.

First I’m going to do a bit of a show and tell with examples of my work and a couple of larger found Items that I’ve used to print with.

This is the scrummy box of found objects we are going to give them to print with.

Of course we had to have a go ourselves first so that we had something to show them what can be done.

Paper, card and envelopes, and butterflies to decorate.

I wonder who is going to enjoy the workshops the most!!! 🙂