Untitled – four purple triangles

Untitled – four purple triangles – 76 cm x 76 cm – Acrylic on wood panelA lot of work has gone into this, I hope you love this as much as I do! 


Daisy Repeat

I love repeat pattern. I’m very happy to show you more of my printing I’ve been doing recently, experimenting with a new block, all on recycled paper. p1380976

Enjoying the process of print

Sometimes I find it hard to just relax into the process of art. I’m always thinking about what I should be doing! I had a lovely time going through the natural process of producing the things below. I actually relaxed a little and enjoyed the process of printing and developing the colours as I went along.

I had some vintage hankies that someone bought for me ages ago so I started with those and a partly used ink pad that I’d kept in some plastic. I added little of a different colour as I printed.P1380566Hankies
Voila, finished hankies 🙂P1380558As I work, I have paper round the edge of the fabric to minimalise the chances of getting wet ink in my print table. I move it around so that my paper is covered with surface pattern.

I then selected the areas of pattern I liked to produce some greetings cards. (I put the card through the printed for the wording)P1380556 I have just bought myself a tag punch, so now I can use even smaller pieces of my patterned paper to make tags.TagsI do love this way of working, it’s so satisfying! 🙂

New Lino Cut for Repeat Pattern

I have been a little more ambitious with this block as I wanted it to be in keeping with the drawings I’ve been doing. This is my design and as you can see I’ve traced it through with carbon paper.New block 1 I used a tiny spray of spray mount to keep everything in place while I was tracing and what I discovered was, the spray mount on the lino acted as a fixative for the carbon tracing and so didn’t rub off while cutting the block!New block 2 New block 3 A little practice in technique is needed for the alignment of the block..New block 4…but a few pencil lines drawn on the side works wonders!5New block 4 As my regular viewers know, I’m a keen recycler and so the base for this print is a vintage sheet. 🙂New block 5

Painting and Wall Art

I’m having an Open Studio in a months time for people who like to plan their Christmas early, so some of my thoughts are directed to this. I’ve bought a super sized canvas for a planned centre piece for the exhibition. I’m looking forward to doing that, because I’ve been thinking a lot about the selling side of my work and I need a rest from it.Canvas Although I have produced these pieces of wall art to colour in, which I’m really pleased with. They had their first exposure yesterday and I sold one. Hurrah!Wall ArtI hope you like them 🙂

Printing in Mauve

Making napkins from salvaged cotton is very rewarding. Preventing waste as well as producing a nice soft quality product.Napkins 1Each one of these napkins is purposely printed different especially for the non-conformist, combining hand cut and vintage blocks.Napkins 5 Napkins 2Napkins 3Napkins 4Now available from my Etsy Shop! 🙂


A Special order finished

I’m pleased to say, a very special, special order is ready to go on its way to Germany. The lovely blue printed pillow covers that I was doing are finished. I had to look carefully for my contrasting fabric, because as you know I like to re-use and recycle!

These have been made with re-purposed vintage cotton sheets, dyed with tea and then hand printed. Contrasted with re-purposed denim.

Here are the three finished pillow covers.

P1020595 Pillow 1 Pillow 2 Pillow 3