Recycled Note Book Covers

I am so pleased with my new product, recycled notebook or sketch book covers.These have been re-cycled from the very fashionable and popular PVC advertising signs. Obviously these awful things are not biodegradable and so will sit in landfill for ever so I have come up with a practical use for them instead of throwing them away.

I hand paint the the lengths of PVC and then sew them into shape. Then this turns into what I think are very desirable book covers with pencil loops on the front 🙂 Keep a look out as these will be soon available on my Etsy shop

Collectors Dolls

A new product for my stall and outlet for my creativity is my new collectors dolls. You may have seen examples already. They are made from vintage and my own printed fabrics.These three came with me to Fakenham Makers Market on Saturday. Victoria, Katerina and Morwena. Katerina has now gone to a new home, yay! 🙂


I’ve been exploring new Ideas for products to sell on my craft stall and in my Etsy shop. I’ve come up with a way of using the textiles that I love, hand printed and recycled, in a very creative way, collectors dolls 🙂

Meet Clarissaclarissa and Morwena.morwenaMorwena is now available to buy for £18.00 and soon will be listed in my Etsy shop!

Brand New Colouring book

I am pleased to show you, hot off the press, an extract from my brand new colouring book, I hope you like it!Colouring 4 Colouring 4b Colouring 4c Colouring 4d Colouring 4eNow available from my Etsy shop, from my markets and fairs or direct from my studio 🙂

Colour in Picture Kits

Sooo busy at the moment, but I thought I’d show you my latest product for Christmas, ‘Dragon Fly’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’. Colour in picture kits with all you need – just colour in and hang on the wall!Pic Kit 1They’re not in my shop yet but you can get them direct from my studio! 🙂