I am very happy to be doing some drawings for Bridget from ARCA who specialises in producing stands and shelters in which to display and protect precious documents and books. These drawings are to go on her website to demonstrate what she does.

This is what is called a book cradle, a precious book can lay gently and safely open on this for people to see.

The more I do, the better I’m getting at the precise drawing that’s needed.

This is the finished drawing on her web page.

Life Study

Very happy that this A1 signed print is off to a new home 🙂

Lampshade Commission 2

First I must wish you all a very happy New Year. The holidays have been quite a restful time for us so that we are fresh and ready for work. So here I am ready to have a wonderfully creative 2017 🙂

I now can show you my lampshade commission as it is safely with it’s new owner. Commissions are always a challenge and this was for a very avid Harry Potter Fan and I had to avoid copyright issues.

Here’s the finished item.lampshade-6Now for the process!

This is the lampshade ready to be up-cycled.lampshade-1 First I stained it with watered down fabric paint to match the paper I was going to use.lampshade-2 lampshade-3 I did think of using fabric for the covering but had the cutting out of letters to contend with so decided paper was best.lampshade-4 lampshade-5 lampshade-6 lampshade-7It took a lot of thinking about but I am pleased with the final out come 🙂


I have had the pleasure to be asked to do a drawing of the nativity to go on the front of the December issue of our church magazine. I am always nervous when I get specific commission especially because of the subject, I didn’t want it to turn out too sweet. I am actually pleased with the result and have used the image for a Christmas card.nativity-1 nativity-2 nativity-card-4nativity-card-1You can buy the cards from my Etsy Shop! 🙂

Satisfied Customer

My customer in Germany who bought the special order pillow covers kindly sent me photo’s of them nestling comfortably in her lounge,Cushions 1 don’t they look great!Cushions 2I am so pleased she likes them 🙂

A Special order finished

I’m pleased to say, a very special, special order is ready to go on its way to Germany. The lovely blue printed pillow covers that I was doing are finished. I had to look carefully for my contrasting fabric, because as you know I like to re-use and recycle!

These have been made with re-purposed vintage cotton sheets, dyed with tea and then hand printed. Contrasted with re-purposed denim.

Here are the three finished pillow covers.

P1020595 Pillow 1 Pillow 2 Pillow 3

Customer orders

When it come to customer orders, I’m always nervous about starting them because it is so easy to make a mistake with block printing as my block can easily placed down half a turn out! As hand block printing is uneven anyway I am extra sensitive to that too.

This is the start of a commission for three 40cm x 60cm cushion covers.Commission 1 Commission 2 Commission 3 Commission 4 Commission 5Turned out well don’t you think? I really like them. 🙂

But this is what can happen when you concentrate too hard!Commission 6

More Onion Dyeing

Things have been very busy here lately, a lot of promoting my art and organising for a new makers market that we are starting in our town (I’ll tell you about that soon) and not a lot of time for blogging. I never forget you all out there though!

I’ve had to do more onion dyeing for a customer order. I do love the colour that you can get from onion skins!Onions 1 Onions 2I thought I would try some tie dye in with this one.Onions 3Wow, I love it!Onions 4Now what do you think I should make with it? 🙂

A simple Project

Someone visited my studio the other day who had heard that I make handkerchiefs and wanted me to make her one as a thank you present for someone. Tractor hankie 1 Tractor hankie 2 Tractor hankie 3How lovely to be able to make something so important for someone! 🙂