Christmas Family

As you can see, this particular painting is painted in a very different style to my other work. I had a specific idea in my head that I wanted to produce a Christmas icon. The image was in my head that I wanted so I just went with the flow!! I also painted it on unprimed canvas, which was lovely and I think added to the look of the finished piece. 

I will be selling Christmas cards portraying this image this coming Saturday 9th December (2017) at Fakenham Makers Market.


New Display Stands

Pictures from Yesterday – my new display stands in had a good day so they’ve begun to work for me already! 🙂

Preparation for Christmas Open Studio

I’m enjoying getting ready for my Christmas open studio this Saturday.  Here are some Christmas textiles in the making. These are made from up-cycled fabrics, hand dyed and block printed. 🙂

chriatmas-1 chriatmas-2


I have had the pleasure to be asked to do a drawing of the nativity to go on the front of the December issue of our church magazine. I am always nervous when I get specific commission especially because of the subject, I didn’t want it to turn out too sweet. I am actually pleased with the result and have used the image for a Christmas card.nativity-1 nativity-2 nativity-card-4nativity-card-1You can buy the cards from my Etsy Shop! 🙂

Christmas Journal page

My journal has suffered a lot lately because of being so busy, but I had a chance over the holidays to do a bit of relaxing doodling.

After the Christmas services at church, I was inspired by the words of the carol ‘Hark the herald angels sing’. So I  decided to do an illuminated page and practice some calligraphy as well as meditate on the words.

First I wrote out the words and then decorated the page with print off cuts, coloured pencil, sharpie pen and collage.
Journal Page 1 Journal Page 2 Journal Page 3 Journal Page 4It’s good to be back after the holidays, so Happy New Year all you lovely people. I look forward to sharing my work with you during 2016 🙂

Colour in Picture Kits

Sooo busy at the moment, but I thought I’d show you my latest product for Christmas, ‘Dragon Fly’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’. Colour in picture kits with all you need – just colour in and hang on the wall!Pic Kit 1They’re not in my shop yet but you can get them direct from my studio! 🙂