Stones – Pop up Exhibition

First I’d like to thank all those who came on Saturday, you made it a fantastic day!

Here is an over view for those of you who couldn’t make it and who follow my blog.

Sketch book work and research.Exhibit 1

Centre piece installation – stone and textile.installation

Screen prints.Exhibit 2

Mono prints with collage.Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4

More sketch book work.Exhibit 5

Clay with cotton threadExhibit 6

ClayExhibit 7

Stone study – acrylic and oil pastelExhibit 8

It was a really satisfying experience and a chance for me to look at my work too. Thanks for your support! 🙂


Pop Up Exhibition

I’m very excited at the moment because I have decided to have a pop up exhibition in my gallery. I have just over two weeks to get everything ready 🙂 I have taken alot of time tidying and putting away things that just get left around and that in its self is very satisfying! I’m going to chart my progress and this is where I’ve got so far.Exhibition 1 This table is going to hold one of my exhibits so it’s got to have a coat of paint.Exhibition 2 Trust me, it’s going to look just rightExhibition 3Here is a little invite for anyone who will be in the vicinity on 30th July.Invitation 2 for web
I would be delighted if you could come! 🙂



While I was being part of the art trail with Sarah and in between visitors, I carried on doing some work on my stones project. It was really nice to relax and enjoy the feel of the clay. I finished off the earlier forms I had done by smoothing them and making holes I wanted. Now they are ready for first firing. I think they look beautiful just like that!Stones 1 These are similar shapes I’ve started, cut in half and scooped out. The scooping out was yummy as the clay was really soft. I am really looking forward to continuing with these! 🙂Stones 2

All ready for the Art Trail

Me and Sarah finished setting up for the Breckland art trail last night, everything looks fab!

Come and see Sarahs great casts of organic and man made surfaces….Breckland 3
my textiles, drawings and prints…Breckland 1 my collages, Sarahs prints…Breckland 2and beautiful ceramics.Breckland 4 We’d love to see you!Breckland 5I’ll be there all day Thursday 13th and Sunday 16th Nov.

Experimenting with soft sculpture

As you know, I have an ongoing stones project, you may recognize these.Stones 5Clay 5I have now taken it to a new level, experimenting with soft sculpture. It’s not easy sewing a stone with a hole in it, but quite satisfying once you’ve done it. This was made using part of an old jumper.Soft Sculpture 1 Soft Sculpture 2 Soft Sculpture 3I’m looking forward to where this is going to take me 🙂

Clay Cups

My recent visit to my friend Sarah’s studio resulted in me collecting my little decorative cup I made all beautiful, glazed and finished…Small Cupand decorating the tea cup and little tea bag holder that I made last time I was there.Cup 1 Then on Saturday when we did a fair together she presented me with my tea cup all shiny and finished!Cup 2Oh my goodness, I love it. I’ve been drinking tea out of it already 🙂

A Good Day of Clay

Spent another nice day last week with my pal Sarah in her ceramics studio. Really pleased with what I did.

I wanted to make a large cup for drinking tea. You have to start larger than you want because the clay shrinks quite a bit with firing. I like the shape, I used a bowl I had as a mold.Clay 1 Clay 2 This is the little decorative cup I made last time I was with her which I’ve now  decorated….Clay 3 Clay 4 and these are the stones which are to go with my on going art project, I have now partly painted. these are not to be glazed as I want a specific effect.Clay 5 As you can see we had a great time! 🙂Clay 6

Soap Dish

My friend Sarah came round to do some art with me last week and she bought my soap dish that I’d made back for me all glazed and beautiful.

Soap dish 1 Soap dish 2 Soap dish 3I’m really happy with it 🙂

Busy With Clay

Another lovely day spent with my ceramicist friend Sarah on Saturday. I always enjoy the way it’s such a lovely distraction.

This is my lovely wall plaque which I decorated last time all glazed and finished.Clay 2
My soap dish that has been waiting to have the colour added for such a long time is painted ready to be fired.Clay 3 Clay 4The piece I made on Saturday was this sculptural cup, inspired by one that Sarah had made.Clay 1Can’t wait to add some colour to this!

If you would like to see some of Sarah’s work do pop over to her website