I am very happy to be doing some drawings for Bridget from ARCA who specialises in producing stands and shelters in which to display and protect precious documents and books. These drawings are to go on her website to demonstrate what she does.

This is what is called a book cradle, a precious book can lay gently and safely open on this for people to see.

The more I do, the better I’m getting at the precise drawing that’s needed.

This is the finished drawing on her web page.

Beautiful Mess’ – Mini Sketch Book Challenge

I am part of an art circle doing this project by Susannah Elizabeth Susannahgram
to express our inner messy, so it’s perfect for me 🙂 These are my first pages. Things may change, but that’s what I’ve done so far 🙂

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Recycled Note Book Covers

I am so pleased with my new product, recycled notebook or sketch book covers.These have been re-cycled from the very fashionable and popular PVC advertising signs. Obviously these awful things are not biodegradable and so will sit in landfill for ever so I have come up with a practical use for them instead of throwing them away.

I hand paint the the lengths of PVC and then sew them into shape. Then this turns into what I think are very desirable book covers with pencil loops on the front 🙂 Keep a look out as these will be soon available on my Etsy shop


Just completed the ladybird as a finished work. She’s in my latest colouring book so that you can colour her in yourself and she will soon be available completed as a print and a greetings card! 🙂


Brand New Colouring book

I am pleased to show you, hot off the press, an extract from my brand new colouring book, I hope you like it!Colouring 4 Colouring 4b Colouring 4c Colouring 4d Colouring 4eNow available from my Etsy shop, from my markets and fairs or direct from my studio 🙂

New Drawings

Many things have been happening recently, it’s been a time of reviewing and re accessing my work load, this has included thinking about a new colouring book.

This first drawing is a development of a previous one plus a new colour way.Drawing 1This second drawing is one for my new colouring book. Drawing 2I’m really excited about the new colouring book as I’m developing a new design and method of construction. Watch this space for updates 🙂

You can buy my other colouring books from my online shop.

Colouring books

I’ve been so busy lately on promoting myself and my work.

I’m really excited at the prospect of getting my colouring books professionally printed, I picked up the proofs today! P1030445All three in their bright new format are available from my Etsy shop now!!! 🙂

New Year Wishes, New Year Parcel

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. I’ve missed my blog greatly, but I really have been worn out. So I’ve been busy resting and visiting family!

My first business of the new year is to send off this lovely parcel which is now winging its way to Italy.Italy 1It contains one of my Date Books purchased from my Etsy shop. To refresh your memory, here it is.
Date book

There are special pockets in each month for storing your chosen greetings cards for those special people in your life. It’s handmade and is full of my own screen prints, block prints and patterns for you to enjoy while you are tucking your cards away for safe keeping.
.Date book 2
There is another one available in my Etsy shop now for only £12.00 plus p&p 🙂

I  wish you all joy and peace for the new year! 🙂