32 Triangles

Here is my main piece for Turn The Page artists book Fair. It was inspired by my painting I have now called ’32 Triangles’.

A limited edition of 32 Tulip fold books, each containing a miniature signed print  of the original painting. (12 displayed at one time)

In the humidity of the exhibition the books opened slightly and showed their content.

A wonderful time was had by all at the exhibition which was held in the Forum, Norwich. 


2017 Calendar

Yes, the Debbie Osborn Art Studio Calendar is now available! I know it’s early, but I want you to see my calendar first 🙂

An exclusive Debbie Osborn drawing for each month, room for adding birthays and events and space for notes at the back.

Here’s a sneaky peak.2017 Calendar 1 2017 Calendar 2 2017 Calendar 3 2017 Calendar 4 2017 Calendar 5
I am so pleased with it so I hope you like it! It is now available from my Etsy shop or direct from my studio 🙂

New Drawings

Many things have been happening recently, it’s been a time of reviewing and re accessing my work load, this has included thinking about a new colouring book.

This first drawing is a development of a previous one plus a new colour way.Drawing 1This second drawing is one for my new colouring book. Drawing 2I’m really excited about the new colouring book as I’m developing a new design and method of construction. Watch this space for updates 🙂

You can buy my other colouring books from my online shop.

Date book/birthday book

Hey, look at this. A new product just gone on to my Etsy shop!

Debbie Osborn Art Studio’s very own date book with pockets to store the cards you have bought ready to send.

Date bookDate book 2 Dec Feb July SeptGo to my Etsy shop and order yours now 🙂