Printed Textile

I’ve just been inspired to work into and improve one of my old print blocks. I’ve cut into the basic shape to make it look more exciting.This image shows me testing the block on paper. I’ve made some extra test blocks in the shape of leaves to use with it.I’ve had this vintage anti-macassar for a while, already dyed with onion skins for me to print on. I’ve been waiting for just the right block to print on it with and decided this was it.Don’t you think it looks great on my Sofa! 🙂


Daisy Repeat

I love repeat pattern. I’m very happy to show you more of my printing I’ve been doing recently, experimenting with a new block, all on recycled paper. p1380976

Getting ready for the Queens Birthday

I was asked to do a colouring in page for our church magazine as part of commemorating the  the Queens 90th birthday, I thought a crown was a good idea. This is what I came up with. As you can see I’ve made some postcards and mail art stamps for my mail as well 🙂P1380116

Speedy Carve

Just bought myself some Speedball Speedy Carve to carve some blocks with, never tried it before. My thoughts were to do a chicken and here he is

speedy carve 1

It’s really easy to carve!speedy carve 2I did a couple of other blocks at the same time to use up the scraps and I’m really pleased how they turned out. Watch this space! 🙂

A Lesson in Getting the Most out of Your Process

Remember this?Block 1 I did this.
Block 2 Printing on old cotton bed sheets is a good use of resources and saves waste and money. It doesn’t even matter what colour they are!

Wanting to get the print to look like my drawings, I dyed my fabric with watered down fabric printing ink in a variety of colours and printed over in black. A good result but I want to get my print more opaque.Block 3 When dyeing my fabric I had paper underneath that got coloured with the ink too, so I printed on that. Wow, I love it!Block 4 Some of that paper I used instead of discarding it, I made cards with.Block 5Always look for possibilities in your art waste or things you think are no good and maybe transform them into something worth keeping and using or giving as a gift 🙂

Printing Red on Pink

I’ve been having a super time in my studio recently, printing on my madder dyed fabric. I have designed and cut a new print block so it’s been especially exciting!New block 1 New block 2I Had to be careful while cutting the design as the lines to be printed were quite thin, so no slipping of the cutter was advisable! As the weather is cold, which makes the lino very hard and brittle, laying the lino in a heater for a few seconds occasionally helped!New block 3New block 4New block 5 New block 6I’m very pleased with how the design has turned out. 🙂

Commissioned Letters

I really enjoyed this commission, hand cut letters for my client to block print on curtains.

This is the process from transferring the image onto the lino…..Letters 1 Letters 2 …….to beginning the cutting, which is always worrying, getting the edges smooth takes a very steady hand!Letters 3 Letters 4 I loved doing this for some reason, thanks Madeleine for the commission 🙂Letters 5