Digital Drawings

Well, I think all of us are trying to get our heads round our new situations and figuring out a new routine for the next few months. One of the things I’ve been doing is exploring more of what art I can produce on my tablet. I have found a new setting on one of my drawing apps that allows me to do repeat pattern. As many of you know, that is one of my loves. Not only have I discovered how, I’ve also discovered I’m quite good at it! 🙂 so straight out of the window go my doubts about using my tablet and addiction is the name of the game. I absolutely love my new found medium.

Keep a look out for a range of cards made with these images (and more) soon to be added to my online shop


One thought on “Digital Drawings

  1. These would make great fabrics. Have you looked into Spoonflower or one of the other fabric printing companies? Just in case you haven’t, you can upload your patterns and make them available for sale, and if anyone chooses them, you get a payment! (I have used Spoonflower to make my own unique fabrics but I have not put anything up for sale there; I just thought it might be a good match for you!)

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