Large Pattern – Colour Mixing

If you are a regular watcher of my blog, you will know that I love pattern and making patterns. I’ve decided to try one of my patterns out on a large board as a painting. While doing this I had the idea of showing some of you out there a bit about colour mixing and how to go about it. I prefer mixing my own colours and I use six basic colours as my starting point. I learnt this at college and have never gone back. Cadmium red, scarlet, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, cerulean blue and ultra marine plus white.

This is my starting point. This is my original drawing with the enlarged piece next to it.Pattern 1 Mixing colours can be quite tricky, especially if you want to replicate a colour you already have and I want to use the same colours as the original.

I wanted to start with the blue. If you are mixing colours, always start with lightest first. To mix this blue I used a good dollop of white to start and then added little bits of cerulean blue and ultramarine.Pattern 3Be patient and add a little at a time as surprisingly small amounts can make quite a difference. Keep going until you have got as close as you can to the colour you want.Pattern 2 I’m very pleased with this colour.Pattern 4I’ll show you the next colour in my next blog 🙂


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