Saffron Crocus

Well, a friend of mine called last night while I was enjoying my nice glass of wine after my dinner and handed me this big bag of crocus petals!Crocus 1 An unusual gift you say! These are waste product after the saffron harvest and she thought I might be able to dye with them. What an amazing gift 🙂 I don’t know if I can dye with them, but I’ll give it a go.

For a start I have to preserve some, here are some in the freezer…..Crocus 2 ….and here are some spread out in the green house. Even though it’s not sunny, I’m hoping they will dry.Crocus 3 I’m currently heating some on the cooker to see if any colour comes out.Crocus 4In all this , I have two weeks to produce an array of beautiful textiles for my guests to see on my launch day Oct. 25!  Thanks Mary for the petals 🙂


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