Dyeing with Turmeric

I’ve had a commission for a textile piece and I’m using this opportunity to experiment for natural dyeing as my client is eager to have the piece as natural as possible.Dyeing with Tumeric 1 First the fabric has to be made ready to receive the dye (I’m using strips of vintage bed sheet); with turmeric it is prepared with a salt water solution. The recipe I used was 4 cups of water and 1/4 cup salt. I made the relevant quantity for the amount of fabric I wanted to dye. Simmer in the solution for 1 hour.Dyeing with Tumeric 2 I think the dye bath is very different and you cannot really specify quantities of water to turmeric. I added 2 large tablespoons to my preserving pan which was 2/3rds full and simmered the pan for 10 minutes. I then took it from the heat and added more boiling water so there was enough to cover my fabric. The length of time you leave it in the dye is up to you, just take the fabric out when you are happy with the colour.

Dyeing with Tumeric 3 My fabric was only in the dye for a couple of minutes, isn’t it gorgeous!Dyeing with Tumeric 4 Dyeing with Tumeric 5I will show you what I do with it soon 🙂


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