Stones Revisited

I am so excited for having a new year to start some new work and share it with you. I’m having a clear and tidy of my studio so that it can be free of un-neccesary clutter. Being careful not to clear out too much, so as to throw out creative stuff in my new year enthusiasm for a fresh start!

Anyway I thought I would show you one of my ideas. The influence of stones is raising its head again, particularly with holes in them, such wonderful and varied forms! Here is a couple of pages from my sketch books.Stones 1Stones 2As you can see the influence of Barbara Hepworth could play a part. Stones 3Stones 4I’ve been thinking of working with clay and believe it or not I’ve just had an Email from my friend Sarah asking when do I want to do some clay!! Getting excited now 🙂


One thought on “Stones Revisited

  1. ~stones are truly beautiful gifts from nature…funny how they can be so strong yet ever so soothing…looking forward to our swap…mine too should be posted tomorrow!!! be well and happy clay creating~

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