Visual Journal

To start with I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and that you will have a fabulous New Year!

Throughout December I’ve been keeping a visual diary within my art journal. This means I have pasted something visual on each day of the month. I liked the Idea so I have made a book to use as a visual diary for the whole of 2014. It’s a challenge I know but I have always found writing a journal difficult so I’m prepared to see if this is any easier. Here’s a week from the month I’ve been doing.

17th Dec. News letter sent out with Christmas cards, 18th bought Christmas tree, 19th, new design, 20th Optitians, 21st a message from a parcel I received etc

Visual Diary 1 I have custom made myself a book made from of 100% recycled materials. I ironed out some paper packaging.Visual Diary 1a Made this into the desired sized pages.Visual Diary 1b stapled into signatures (groups) using my staple less stapler I had for Christmas.Visual Diary 2 🙂Visual Diary 3 I made a cover out of the fly pages of an old atlas I’ve been cutting up and sewed it together using the holes the stapler made.Visual Diary 4Visual Diary 5Each side of each page will be divided in to two sections. Roll on January the first! 🙂


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