First printing

I know, your the same as Mr O. he wanted to see the big whirly stencil printed first. I decided to try out the smaller ones.

Here are the stencils.Stencil 2 Here are some of the prints, warts ‘n’ all. I told you I was going to take you on the journey with me!Stencil 2bStencil 2c

Not bad actually for the first print, but some experimenting to do. Next the big whirly one 🙂




2 thoughts on “First printing

  1. Great stuff! I’m enjoying following you on this creative journey, and it’s fascinating to be able to see each step in the process (I was particularly interested in your stencil cutting post… never having used a stencil burner with acrylic stencil sheets myself). I love your fossil inspired design and the first printed results are great. Have fun with the next steps in the process… I’m looking forward to seeing the results here!

    • Thanks for your comments Suzanne, sorry it took a while for me to reply but I lost this message!!! I just came across it again when I was sorting my inbox, so I decided to reply straight away incase I lost you again 🙂

      I’m really pleased you like my work and take it as a complement that you are still following me after all this time. The stencil burner is great and worth a try, but It takes a bit of time to get used to.

      I hope you are keeping well and look forward to seeing some of your prints soon!

      Best wishes Debbie

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