Paper Chains (waiting for gum to dry)

It is an amazing thing when you are reminded of an idea you had months ago and it turns out now is just the right time to try it out. Last night a friend of mine saw my patterned papers and said “paper chains”. This I thought was the right time to try a new challenge!

I remembered that I’d seen a recipe for envelope gum, so I’ve made some……

….and it seems to work. Just spread it on the edges of the paper and let it dry….

…slice into strips…..

…..and voila, paper chains!

It was not quite as easy as that, there’s a lot of calculating to do including getting the gum just right, cutting all the strips the same size and designing the packaging but I find things like that really enjoyable.

The approximate gum recipe is 4 packs of gelatin (I used six sheets) diluted in 1/2 cup of white vinegar, over heat in a saucepan. I think experimentation is the key with this, once it’s dry try out the licking and sticking thing just to make sure it works!


3 thoughts on “Paper Chains (waiting for gum to dry)

  1. so cool! and a lovely way to mix up your gorgeous designs & patterns.
    One low-budget-year my Christmas was decorated with paperchains of magazine page strips held together with staples. It’s much more sophisticated like this! 😉

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