Faster and Faster!

My work seems to move faster and faster and I’m getting more and more excited in what I’m doing. It’s great to give yourself the chance to let your creativity flow, not thinking about rules and what is or isn’t exceptable, just letting it flow. I do spend as much time as possible watching what other artists do, not to copy them but to get motivation from them.

I have, as some of you may have seen previously, been a fan of spirograph for many years, but in the last few days have been reminded of this.  Here are two works where I’ve incorporated spirograph with serigraph.

I’m really quite inspired, I think I might carry on!


2 thoughts on “Faster and Faster!

  1. These experiments are wonderful! The colours (and fine spirograph details) in the second image are exquisite. Looking forward to seeing where you take these (or where they take you 🙂

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