What a Waste – Christmas Decs

While shopping in Norwich today I came accross some workers taking down some christmas decorations. When I asked about them I was told that the decorations  were made by a group of special needs people for the purpose of hanging on the Christmas tree. I asked about what was happening to them and was told that they were to be thrown away, I couldn’t believe it, why couldn’t they go back to the people who made them?

As you can see below I had to rescue some!

I think I would have rescued them all if I could have carried them!


3 thoughts on “What a Waste – Christmas Decs

  1. How lucky that you were passing by and saw what was happening!
    This is very sad, and shows how little projects are sometimes not fully planned.
    The decorations are lovely and I am sure that you will either find somebody who will use them, or treasure them yourself.

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