Norwich Print fair

I’ve been having a relaxing, not do much day today which has been really nice. Living my simple life, building my website, repairing and restyling our gallery and trying to make time for my art even though enjoyable, can be very tiring so I was desparately in need of a rest.

On friday for a day out and essential inspiration I went with Mr O. and a friend to the Norwich print fair, currently showing at Wymondham Arts Centre. It’s really worth a visit. I particularly liked the work of Sally Hirst and the more linear (less commercial) work of Nicholas Barnham.

Print with collage by Sally Hirst (image taken from Sallys website)

I also liked the work of Liz Clark, this is a reproduction of a card I bought on Friday featuring a piece of her work, I think it is produced using print and stitch.


Both of these pieces of work are being shown at the exhibition. It’s on until the 9th I think so there’s still time to go.


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